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Create transaction report with a script?


I've been using WPM for the past two months or so for my organization.  Nothing too crazy - just creating recordings and fleshing out the dashboard.  A lot of the applications at my organization are webapps, so it's simple enough to create a recording to see if the site is functional or not.  What's also great is that there is an 'ALL TRANSACTIONS' chart that can be used as a report to determine whether the application is up or down.  Now, not all of our applications are webapps, some are Citrix based applications that we would need to open up and login to determine if the application is up or down.  We currently have a script for some of these types of applications, but I was wondering if there is anyway to run the script using SolarWinds and then somehow create it as a transaction so that it shows up on the 'ALL TRANSACTIONS' chart so I can include the manual applications status with the web apps?

Thank you!

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How comfortable are you with custom SQL and SWQL queries? If you are, try this approach:

  1. Create a query to get the status of your transactions.
  2. Create a query to get the status of your non-web apps (the Citrix based apps, etc.)
  3. Make sure that the column names are the same in both queries. You may have to rename columns in the query's SELECT clause to make them match. You may also have to add empty columns as placeholders in one query if there's a kind of data that's just missing (for instance, a transaction has a location on a transaction player, but a regular application monitor doesn't).
  4. Use the SQL UNION operator to combine the output of the two queries you created. This will give you a single data set that includes transaction monitor status and application monitor status.
  5. Create your report using the UNION'ed query from step 4.
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