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Can WPM monitor status codes?

I'm looking to monitor for the 200 OK status message from a web page but I'm not seeing or finding any info on how to do this with WPM. Unfortunately when I attempt to record a particular URL the recorder will attempt to download a file and that feature seems to be broken due to the inability to tell IE not to display the download confirmation notification. Anyone know if this can be done and if so how to go about it?

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Re: Can WPM monitor status codes?


I do not know if WPM 3.0 has such feature, but I believe that SAM can monitor HTTP status.


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Re: Can WPM monitor status codes?

For WPM this monitors Website playback based on the recorded website process via the WPM Recorder.

If you want to monitor some HTTP related errors, you may want to check SAM (Server and Application Monitor)


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This article describes the issue when an HTTP/HTTPS Monitor returns an HTTP Error Code when attempting to monitor a website. The website may not be accessible by the Orion main polling engine/server or additional polling engines.