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Manually applying template

Hi guys, i am trying to use template that is provided by the community.

I couldn't Import through the application as i am behind a proxy therefore, are there any ways in which i can manually import the templates ?

Many Thanks 😃

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porfors - you should be able to import from behind a proxy, the WMI Monitor will read the proxy settings from IE.



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Hey Greg, thanks for the reply awesome ^^

I tried to but it failed, the error it returned was Status Code 407 - ProxyAuthenticationRequired.


My IE's proxy is enabled and i am able to surf the web behind it.


My company's proxy requires username and password login could that be the reason ? I tried to logged in, make sure i can surf the web, then "Import from thwack" but i couldn't work.


Many thanks 😃

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To manually import a template from thwack:

Goto thwack's "Content Exchange" page and select "Application Monitor Templates".

Application Monitor's Content Exchange page =

Select and download the template you are interested in.

Open the downloaded template in an XML editor.

Close your WMI Monitor free tool. Check your tray to make sure it is not monitoring.

Find your KnownApplicationMonitors.xml file. The file is located at:
<Documents and Settings>\<AccountName>\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\WMIMonitor.

Please back up your KnownApplicationMonitors.xml file as you will need to edit it.

Open the KnownApplicationMonitors.xml file in an XML editor.

In your downloaded monitor select all text starting from <ApplicationTemplate> through to </ApplicationTemplate> inclusive of these tags.

Copy the selected text into your KnownApplicationMonitors.cml file immediately before the first <ApplicationTemplate> tag.

Save the KnownApplicationMonitors.xml file.

Open your WMI Monitor free tool.

You should see the new monitor in your list of known monitors.

Please note that the WMI Monitor free tool only handles monitor types of "WmiPerformanceCounter". APM handles many more monitor types. If the monitor you are adding contains types other than "WmiPerformanceCounter" they will be stripped out of the monitor. If the template you downloaded does not contain any "WmiPerformanceCounter" types do not add it to the KnownApplicationMonitors.xml as it will not be usable.

In the downloaded xml file the types can be found at: ArrayOfApplicationTemplate\ApplicationTemplate\ComponentTemplates\ComponentTemplate\Type


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Hi Steve.

Thanks for replying.

However the problem that i am facing now is that, i tried adding in the "<applicationtemplate></applicationtemplate>" from the downloaded wmi monitor template file into the KnowApplicationMonitors.xml file and saved it. 

When i tried to start the program, under the list which i would be able to select the monitor file , i would see only a blank line with no other monitor files.

The only thing i did with the KnowApplicationMonitors was to add in the additional line.

Please advice.

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