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development map

development map

I would love to see what the Webhelpdesk team is currently working on, what you guys have listed as a priority, and what is in the future for development. Right now everything is so closed off there is very listtle we get in way of communication or knowing what is going on with the software ever since the acquisition from Solarwinds.

Level 9

Agreed. While the staff is very responsive when it comes to answering question on forums, getting a standard response about 2 major releases a year and minor service updates in between is about as vague as it gets.

Level 7

Well if that's what was said, its not being true so far. We are almost a year in, and we have not had any new feature since SolarWinds (very few bug corrections), and the documentation is really old (the API definition, is last updated "Updated 9/13/11" even though there have been some minor changes to it). The mobile HTML interface was left unreleased, the iOS app is not really helpful.

If we can't see a roadmap for 2013, I don't think there is much reason to renew Maintenance.

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Level 8

It's not though, right at the bottom they openly state that this doesn't mean they are actually committing to doing anything with that list.  It's basically a list things that someone would like to do, but may or may not get around to it... maybe.

It would be nice to see a real list of requests, where each one is, and if it is being worked on or not.  Not just a napkin list of ideas.

Level 12

There doesn't seem to be anyone talking about v12 which was just released.  Seems like most of it is for integration with other SW products but didn't include any of the more requested features.  Does anyone know if this was considered a major service release or a minor service update?

Level 9

When was this released? Don't see anything in the release notes or the downloads page:

Got a link to the download page?

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Level 15

What We're Working On for Web Help Desk list is closest we can get to what we are really working on. Things are always changing, demand for various features is changing as well as users' needs. Another reason is that as publicly traded company our financial team is also stopping us from publishing exact date (and we would like to!) thanks to complex accounting rules. I recommend to read this post from Denny: Fear and Loathing of Roadmaps: Why your PM won’t give you a date, which puts things into context and explain in details. I hope that helps.

Level 8

Definitely would like to echo this - right now there is no way to know if feature requests have made it into development plans or not.  And it seems like quite a while since new features not related to solarwinds product integration have been added.

Level 11

The links aren't working.