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To Export WHD Report In Excel Format.

To Export WHD Report In Excel Format.

Hi Networks,

We are using Solarwinds WHD 12.5.1

Recently I have created one report in Solarwinds WHD but I am unable to export that report in Excel format.

I also raised a case with technical support team with case #00647739 , waiting for the reply.


@RaviK @gangadhar.k @abdhijasharma @devendrab 

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Hi @defieguy ,

A workaround for this would be to click one of the total from the report so it comes up with the tickets or assets that are relevant, then export this in CSV format.

Or you could configure your report in the 'Search Tickets' tab and export the search results in CSV format.

Both come out with the same results, which in turn can be opened and modified in Excel for all your reporting needs.