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Suggest FAQs to Techs

Suggest FAQs to Techs

Suggest FAQs to techs as they are submitting or viewing a ticket. Ideally, FAQs could show up more often based on how helpful that FAQ has been to clients (votes, “solved my problem button”).

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Level 8

This is the top requested feature from all of our managers, especially for the high-turnover positions within our organization.

Level 8

This would encourage and prompt more use out of the FAQ page.

Level 8

This would be an excellent way to cross-train via FAQ.

Level 9

We have been interested in this as well.  Perhaps if the FAQ recommendation could be more dynamic and narrow down in real time as you are selecting the request types, that would be even better.  Also, not forcing the "Link FAQ" button with a new note- just display them automatically in a field adjacent to the Problem Description and Request Type selection areas as the selections are made.

Level 11

Yes please, I was really surprised this didn't already happen after seeing how the suggested FAQs come up in the Client portal.

Currently this definitely means my techs are not really using the FAQs because they have to come out of the ticket they are logging in the one open tab they can have WHD running in open to access the FAQ.

Level 7

As a new customer, I'm surprised this feature hasn't been implemented as well.  Seems like all the program modules are already there, it just needs to be imported over to the tech side. Upvote!