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One-Click Direct Voting on Resolved Tickets

One-Click Direct Voting on Resolved Tickets

When using the "Resolved" ticket-status in Web Help Desk, there are situations where a direct no-login voting method would be very useful.

The existing alternative - mailto: links in the resolved-ticket-greeting emails instead of the web-links, are difficult to use for some non-tech-savvy users, who often have difficulty believing that

sending an effectively empty email could possibly be of any use, never mind struggling to deal with an automatic popup email window at all.

My idea is to add an option to ask Web Help Desk to incorporate 1-click-web-link buttons (that include a one-time-only authorisation ID) in the resolved-ticket-greeting-emails, so that when clicked-on a new web-browser window would open and immediately report either "Your ticket 123456 has now been closed" or "Your ticket 123456 has been reopened", and in the latter case at least a client-note added to the ticket that says which way they voted - all without the need for a direct login.

This would allow the client interaction to be much smoother for those installations that really need it.

The option-control for this facility would best fit as a third option, "Direct Web Link", alongside the existing "Email" and "Web Interface" options in the Resolution Confirmation Method setting in user profiles and on the global configuration page at Setup->Clients->Options.

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Community Manager
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