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Multiple Technicians Assigned to One Ticket

Multiple Technicians Assigned to One Ticket

I have had multiple cases where this feature would be extremely useful, but I'll just use one that would be used every day. Out IT structure is split in such a way that new user accounts are handled by infrastructure staff, but actual desktop setup and end user training are handled by help desk staff. Instead of passing the ticket back and forth if new things are needed, a configuration was missed, etc., make it so that multiple techs can be assigned to the ticket. The ticket can only be fully closed when all technicians have "completed/closed" their portion of the ticket.

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Yes, we often have Supervisors assisting staff with tickets. Or additional technicians doing portions of a ticket. Since this is not available yet, this is not reported accurately in their ticket counts. Allowing multiple technicians to a ticket will help us accurately report Technician and\or Supervisor tickets.

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Possible assign a sub-group of Techs (i.e. Mids Shift or Days Shift)?

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Perfectly said, and the exact reason my organization needs it too.  I created a tech group for "new access" and just put every tech in it, but the ticket ends up having to be passed around to everyone involved, and if someone is busy it sits in their queue.  It would be very beneficial for certain tech groups or request types to allow multiple tech assignments, where the tech could then remove themselves once they've done their part of the work.  The list just gets narrowed down until the last person resolves the ticket. are looking for tasks or sub-tasks which allow for multiple steps....this allows you to create workflows as well.

Is normally available in change or request tickets..but I see benefit in incidents too...

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Great idea!  Not entirely sure of what structure would work for everyone, but we also often have multiple techs working on a project ticket.  Would need a fair amount of thought put into the design, as I am sure there are some far-reaching implications to doing this.

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This is probably my biggest issue with WHD right now.  We have numerous types of tickets that have multiple tasks - each going to an seperate tech.  For example a request for a new user setup requires: 1 - new computer setup, 2 - user account / permissions setup 3 - VoIP phone / VM setup, 4- new cell phone, 5 - building access , etc.

Each of these tasks is handled by a different tech, but I don't have the time to manually create a seperate ticket for each individual tasks.  It should all be captured within the original ticket.  This single addition to WHD would add so much value to the product.  As it stands, this single missing feature is almost enough that the idea of changing platforms comes up in meetings on a regular basis.

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Can't this be done right now using "Processes"?

I have several Tickets where based on the Ticket Type, creates a workflow.

Example: When a Student Enrolls in our district, the Ticket automatically goes to our SIS Manager. When see 'closes' the Ticket, the process automatically 'assigns' the ticket to our IT Secretary so she can get an iPad or Chromebook prepared. When she 'closes' the Ticket, it automatically gets assigned to the Building Tech to deliver the iPad or Chromebook to the new student.

We are doing that with WHD 12.2

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This definitely gets my vote. My team also has multiple staff/groups working on different tasks for on-boarding a user. The lack of this kind of feature is pretty prevalent in most ticketing systems I've seen. They never take into account that more than one person may need to work on a ticket at the same time. The key here is being able to work in parallel, not one after the other.

The use of Processes for this to create a workflow as mentioned by bvondeylen is workable, but that seems like a linear approach where each tech works the ticket one by one. Ideally you would want Techs to be working on things at the same time so the on-boarding is quicker and more efficient. Right now I have IT Coordinators creating multiple tickets to different groups to setup a single user.

Level 12

We 'kind of' do that now. I will assign a 'lead' tech on the ticket, and CC

a 'secondary' tech. The 'lead' tech is responsible for resolving or closing

the ticket, but both techs can add notes.

I would like to be able to assign a ticket to multiple techs, but other

than just assigning multiple techs to a ticket, what other functionality

would be gained (or desired)? You wouldn't want to have multiple techs able

to close a ticket would you? So if the functionality is created to assign

multiple techs to a ticket, there should be a designation for Lead Tech who

would be responsible for the decision making of the ticket, allowing other

techs to be able to add notes, schedule, etc, but not closing the ticket.

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That is what I'm doing now, assigning specific tickets to a lead tech. From there, there are a few options;

  • Use processes to create a workflow, but this is a linear solution.
  • CC the techs who would need to take some action. They can still close the ticket in this case, but as part of the process they'd be told not to. This would probably only work with smaller groups.
  • Work the ticket, pass to the next person, etc. This is linear and each person loses visibility of the status once it's assigned to another tech.
  • WHD does have the ability to have a child ticket attached to a parent, but ONLY for a Problem ticket. You can then assign an Incident ticket to the parent. This would be ideal, because child tickets can be added to a parent for each tech doing the work, with one parent ticket for the new user request. However, on-boarding a new user is really a Service Request, and you can't do that with that ticket type. BLAH!