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It would be nice to have templates that will accept more than 10 items

It would be nice to have templates that will accept more than 10 items

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We have several checklists that we print off and manually fill out for various projects. We would like to create templates for these and attach them to a ticket type, but our checklists have more than 10 items on them, so templates aren't possible.

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There is an existing feature request in here to allow up to 25 items you could give it an upvote

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The way we solved this, is by working out if these checklists needed the attention of specific techs, and then splitting them up. Your case might not be the same, but we found the following solution:

  1. Create new Tickets > Request Types to handle the child requests
  2. Define Tickets > Tasks and assign the task the new Request Type
  3. Define Processes > Action Rules with criteria that allows us to generate the new child requests
  4. Define the new Tickets > Checklist Templates for the child requests and assignment 

In our case, we also use Ticket Custom Fields to determine what child requests will be triggered, and have those values in the criteria for the Action Rules. Seems to be working quite well. I agree that it's probably a bit overly complex if you require a single checklist for a tech, and supporting the feature request posted earlier is probably better... but I thought I'd put this option out there in case it helps.