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Group of Custom Fields

Group of Custom Fields

Add the ability to group custom fields so that admins can navigate them in a much easier fashion when creating custom fields. Allow custom field groups to share different custom fields. In other words, Group A and Group B can both have field 1, field 3 in them. This really is for organizational purposes. Think of how Gmail uses its labeling system for emails instead of folders.

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Level 9

I would add this would make administration of the WHD much easier for admins and would speed up the creation of new request types that use custom fields.

Level 10

I like that idea.  Scrolling down 290+ custom fields is getting real old.

Level 7

Custom fields diffently need some improvements.  You have to open up a custom field in order to find the display order, display order should show on the front end screen with the list of all custom fields.  I agree with the request above, to have the ability to have one field that displays on multiple request types but would also need to have a field to set the display order on each reequest type.  This would eliminated have to create the same field multiple times because of the display order.

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Community Manager
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