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Fix JAMF Asset Discovery for Mobile Devices

Fix JAMF Asset Discovery for Mobile Devices

With mobile devices becoming more and more popular, and JAMF being the #1 MDM for mobile devices, we need the Asset Discovery Connection between JAMF and WHD working.

Currently, we have our computers syncing from JAMF to WHD, but we do NOT have our Mobile Devices (iPads / iPhones) syncing. So we are maintaining 2 inventory databases (tedious).

Please fix the JAMF Asset Discovery Connection for Mobile devices.

Emergency patch would be appreciated.

Level 12

Please vote for this feature request. I would really like a Jamf Pro mobile discovery tool to synchronize Assets between Jamf Pro (mobile) and WHD.

Jamf Pro for computers works, so it shouldn't take too much to get Jamf Pro for mobile devices to work.

Level 9

From talking to JAMF, it is on Web Help Desk's end.

Level 9

Still waiting for this to work...