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FAQ “Resolved My Problem” button

FAQ “Resolved My Problem” button

Introduce a button that allows a client to choose whether an FAQ has actually helped them with their question/problem. Potentially link the ticket# to the FAQ if for example the FAQ link was given to the end-user after a ticket was created. This way we can track which and how many FAQs were resolved BEFORE ticket was created and how many and which FAQs helped with resolutions AFTER a ticket was created.

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Level 10

Sounds like a great idea - one could even take this one step further and have a league table of the Top 10 FAQ's.

Level 17

This is a great idea in my opinion.  You can then report against how many of your created FAQs clients are finding as beneficial.

Level 9

Similarly, a "Leave Feedback on this FAQ" option would be immensely useful; users could click this link to essentially open a ticket (or just email the help desk) with their feedback.
"This is out of date" or "This only works with Exchange 2007 - please add this information to this article".

Level 10

Fantastic ideas!

Level 7

I agree with the above comments.  Also, knowing how many times a FAQ was viewed would be a great addition too.

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Community Manager
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