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Event log filtering...

Event log filtering...

Apologies if this has been suggested already (I did look, couldn't see any similar ideas..)

I think it would be useful if, from the Event log page - http://Orion-Server/Orion/NetPerfMon/Events.aspx - if you could choose multiple devices to filter on from the drop down menu. For an example, we have several Exchange servers in use for a certain customer & it would be useful to be able to select these as a group to see what events occurred across these. I'm aware you can select by device type, however in our estate we host for multiple customers, so while this does lean toward this functionality, it's still not quite as granular as I (personally) would like.

Failing the option to select multiple specific objects, perhaps have a search filter for node name similar to other areas of the web ui (see below)

If this functionality already exists, I'd be grateful if someone could show me the way, tbh I've not checked from the Orion server itself, but then this is specifically for the web ui.

Thanks all & don't forget to vote!!

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This is the Web Help Desk forum.

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Hi Glen,

Thanks for pointing that out, I was wondering how long it would take someone to spot the 'deliberate' mistake... haha

I've recreated the request in the NPM area just now.