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Checklist within ticket

Checklist within ticket


We would like to have a checklist available within a ticket / task that is scheduled every week.

Within the task option I know it is possible to have a cascade of different tickets, but f. ex. when we need an install of a specific item,

I want my staff to run down a checklist and confirm they have done every step. The cascade isn't the most usefull option for this.

So within the ticket, I would like to have a list available with options that need to be checked (required or optional)


Didier Boydens
ICT Manager

AZ Sint Augustinus hospital

Veurne Belgium

Level 7

This is definitely high on my wishlist. Bonus points if the ticket status could be automatically updated depending on the item(s) checked:

No checks -- Open

One or more checks -- In Progress

All checks -- Pending or Resolved

Ability to save/copy checklists such as from a template (or I guess just via Quick Tickets) would be great for repetitive tasks so we don't have to type the whole checklist out each time

Level 15

Here are some more ideas around the checklist:

Help Desk Software Forums by Web Help Desk - Ticket Workflow Checklist

Level 8

We have done this using a custom field similar to one of the suggestions that Peter linked to. It works pretty well. The detailed instructions used to copy into the "request detail" window (a long time ago). We had been using that mechanism until they started making the "detailed instructions" only appear when you were first logging a ticket. A way for those to remain visible would be a nice way to implement this feature too.

Level 17

this is a good idea.  Along with it, maybe be able to create custom ticket forms/layouts for specific request types.

Level 9

I personally implemented something like this so my techs would be 100% consistent performing installs and other tasks by adding custom fields to specific request types. We now have checklists for maintenance tasks, new PC tasks, on-boarding, off-boarding and so much more.

Level 15

This feature request is addressed in last Release Candidate of WHD 12.3. Read more here:Web Help Desk 12.3 Release Candidate now available! or go and download from your customer portal.

We have not implemented checklists directly, rather you can create a set of child tickets for every task and assign them individual Techs. Assigning multiple Techs to single ticket would make any alerting, escalations and reporting very complex and hard to use.

Level 9

In my opinion, the set of child tickets in 12.3 doesn't really address the core of this question.  For us, we're not interested in "assigning" the checklist items to different technicians.  Rather, we'd just like to have a list of items that need to be completed within a ticket so that it's clear what still needs to be done, and so that items can be checked off as they're done.  For us, adding a ticket for each of these checklist items would become very unwieldy.

Level 15

I'm trying to better understand this. I reached out to some of you personally, but let me ask here.

What you can do now in WHD is for example multiple choice custom field, which would look like this:


If you want to react on different values, what is possible with action rules:


It is also possible to create Task or Quick Ticket using such custom field.

What are you looking for what is not provided by this feature?

Why is this not sufficient and how can we make it better so it does what you are looking for?

Level 9


I know this option is present. It’s part of a solution. But I wanted te ICT staff to finish the complete checklist before being able to close the ticket.

Now they can check a few items or one & than close the case.

Thanks for the followup.


Didier Boydens
ICT Manager

A.Z. Sint-Augustinus Veurne

Level 15

Thanks Didier. I'm sure you know this solution, that's why I'm asking what is missing, so I better understand how to help. So if I understand it correctly you would like to limit ability to change ticket's status to "Closed" (or maybe some other) based on checklist status (custom field value).

Is there anything else besides this behaviour what is missing this this feature?