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Asset Reporting

Asset Reporting

There currently is no way to create reports for Assets. It’d be nice to introduce asset reporting. You could start with

• Pie chart of platform percentages and counts. (Mac, PC, Linux, Unix, etc.)

•  Service Contract / Warranty expiration within a specified date range.

•  Breakdowns of operating systems. (WinXP, Vista, 7, 8, OS X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mtn Lion, various linux versions, etc.)

•  Also a breakdown of service pack installations related to operating systems and other major software.

•  A list and count of software assets with unused licenses.

•  Assets purchased in a date range.

•  Computers with x amount of memory.

•  List of assets by department and /or location.

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Level 9

Good luck with this request.  Do you notice the lack of response from the SolarWinds team?  Is there anyone from this Company that even looks at these posts?  Very frustrating.  Such a good product, but such a bad and inadequate Reporting feature

Level 7

Would this be better served by your configuration server like SCCM?

I'm not sure I want to see WHD become a paid version of spiceworks.  We left spiceworks for WHD.

Level 9

Not everyone will have SCCM. Plus, there's already an asset management feature in the WHD. And there's also ticket reporting. A lot of the reports I proposed here would be similar to what can already be done for tickets except they'd be for assets.

Level 15

Hi rem64, yes we read this posts regularly. We also contact our users individually and talk to them about our products, we collect feedback from users contacting us directly, we talk to them on shows and conferences and collect feedback from many sources including Thwack. We track this request internally as 166455 and we take any feedback here into account when making decisions about future releases. Hope that assures you this is important and please if you have any more detailed feedback on this or other features, share them here, so other users can discuss options. This is a great help to decide about any new functionality. Thanks!

Level 9


I'm not sure if I should consider your comments funny or insulting.  First, if you read the posts regularly why are you replying to the post almost a month later??  Some of the other posts also do not get much response or useful replies coming back from your team.The funny part is that there has been NO (ZERO) improvements to the Asset reporting and numerous posts pointing this out have gone unanswered or answered with a promise that Solar Winds is working on improving this feature. I also find it funny the lack of updates and improvements to this product since SolarWinds bought the company from Web Helpdesk (we would get regular updates throughout the month with huge improvements to the product). The updates now come every couple of months with little improvements. The product is a great product, don't get my comments here wrong. The problem is that the original developers of this product were the real innovators. But, even they did not pay any attention to the reporting.  When I spoke with our account reps from SolarWinds after the transition, we were promised huge improvements to the product.  WHERE ARE THE IMPROVEMENTS???  It would be of great help if we had a roadmap that would ease the concern of the community that your development team is working diligently on new features and improvements(especially for the Asset Reporting functionality) (which is awful compared to other competitors). The admin license is fairly pricey, so I would hope as we renew our agreement with you each year that we know for sure you are working on improving the Asset Reporting.  Until then, I will be skeptical.



Level 9

And months later (and a recent SP1 Update), still no improvements for the Asset Reporting.

Level 15


I understand your skepticism. Unfortunately we can't publish detailed roadmap for various reasons (please see Fear and Loathing of Roadmaps: Why your PM won’t give you a date for more details). However we do publish What We're Working On for Web Help Desk where you can see which items we are working on right now. It is our intention to improve reporting, but sometimes we need to prioritize.

Thanks for your comments,


Level 13

I would like to see asset reporting to include the ability to report on the number of tickets an asset has caused plus a listing of open and or closed tickets list by asset.

Level 8

Would love to see a way to print out all the tickets that have parts associated, similar to the invoice without having to invoice every single work order, individually.

Level 8

I am with everyone on this. We just purchased WHD to use as our Ticket and Asset system. It seems odd that they would have the entire system prepped with asset tracking and purchase order tracking but without a way to run a report on that database. It would be super helpful to run a report that pull the model and cost of the devices and the number of devices for Auditing for insurance policies

Here are some items I would love to see.

  1. Amount of tickets per device type
  2. percentage of asset types from total asset quantity
  3. query asset details to a list. Example, Service contract expiration, warranty expiration, cost of devices.