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Allow approval votes to be changed by approvers

Allow approval votes to be changed by approvers

Allow approvers to change their vote and/or allow tickets to be re-submitted for approval which I think has been requested before in the old forums. It seems nuts that the only way to override a vote is by administrators. The current alternative is to have the client re-submit a ticket which simply put isn't very user-friendly especially if the original request has a long history. Makes tracking more difficult. So I propose that approvers get the ability to change their approval votes after a ticket has been revised and re-submitted for approval.

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I need this feature also.

My needs would be met by a "resubmit" option for clients on a denied approval which re-starts the approval process.  This would enable them to modify their request to satisfy the approver's objections and still obtain approval on the original ticket.  This preseves valuable history on the work request, rather than burying it in multiple un-linked tickets.

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we have many many features requests for change management, approvals, approval boards, UI for changes etc. Some smaller some bigger and I'm wondering about priorities, what is blocking you most? There are some obvious features topping the list like Ticket Approval from Technician Interface or On-Demand Approval Process, but I'd like to put it into context. What other improvements would make biggest difference for you?

I list change management feature requests we track in the attached survey and I'd like to ask you not only rank them so we understand which are most important for you, but also please do let us know why in the comments. What problems you are not able to solve now by not having given feature and if you are how do you solve it now? How do you workaround it?


Thanks, Peter

PS. Sorry about cross-posting, need more inputs!

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