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What Are We Working on for Web Help Desk (WHD) - Updated January, 2020

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WHD 12.6 has shipped and we're hard at work building the next release.  Here's what we're working on, in no particular order:

  • iOS Application updates (create Ticket, re-assign ticket)
  • Modern authentication support for WHD with Office 365
  • Client UI Re-Work - Next Gen UI (as recently performed on Dashboards)
  • Defect Fixes

We need to be able to use variables in our ticket notes. This will be of high value when we are processing action rules on a ticket.

Can you elaborate on the "Automate processes like "New employee" or "Employee termination process"" part; whether you are actually putting that feature into the next release.

Also, do you have a time scale for the new version?

Would really like an iPad app (not an iPhone app used on an iPad). Having a true iPad app would be very beneficial to our techs in the school district.

Also need adding Assets to be streamlined. No reason to require creating a PO, then adding Assets, THEN requiring us to go back to PO and adding Line Items for each Asset, and duplicating fields (adding each asset to a model and part#).

We should be able to Add PO. Add Asset and assign the Asset to a PO#, which then then automatically add the line item and take the model and part from the Asset table.

Under Tickets, on the My Tickets tab there is an auto update feature.
Please add this auto update feature to the Search Tab.

This is already out! As a parent/child feature in version 12.3.0

Thanks for feedback Bryan, we are considering few options how to make this possible.

Thanks for one more idea Bryan. We actually track this as a feature request under # 407676 and I added your comment into the record. We would like to improve PO management and workflow to something like you have described.

I would imagine that if you want that it is probably for some search you are using often. In such case it may be easier to save that search as a query, which you can then use in "My Tickets" together with auto-update.

Can you give me an example of what information you want to pass in variables, how and why?

Change Management improvements are already in product roadmap, however I would like to emphasize the requirement of following items.

1. Any change management process should include the option of recording Impact Analysis by appropriate technician. From a process point of view, it's no point asking for a change approval to multiple layers of CAB and not presenting a standard set of Change Impact details which can help with the decision making process.

Similarly, Problem management process could include mandatory / optional RCA input while resolving / closing a Problem Ticket. Management often wants to know for issues identified as Problems, was there any root cause identified and how are we going to reduce them over time.

Today most organization have multiple levels of support structure where often the last level is 3rd party escalation that's outside the organization. It would be great to have a default mechanism to allow these external parties to participate in the helpdesk, without becoming a full fledged technician.

peter.kruty‌ When do you expect to release the next What are we working on for 12.4?

I would be curious to know as well. It would seem much of the information on the blogs, beta, etc. is lacking in consistent updates as to what is happening with the product. It would be nice to see a living page of features/ enhancements/ bug fixes that are being worked on, even if dates aren't firm or posted, it'd be nice to know which areas of the application are being addressed and improved upon.

Will asset reporting include running a search for assets where there is no audit date? Currently, there is only a way to search for ranges of dates for audit dates.

I would love for a "No response" or "no update" option in the criteria drop down box when creating an action rule. I'm trying to add an action rule that will trigger after so many days have passed that the ticket hasn't been updated by the client. I know that priority types have this feature but it only works to send the client reminders or alerts. If it was added onto the action rule I would be able to modify the ticket any way I want.

This would be very ideal as there are limitation on who is alerted (in my case, several parties are supposed to be alerted) on many factors including No Response, No Update, and the overall age of the ticket.

Just wondering if there was a rough date for the next version? The CR ticket type in particular will be a very useful feature.

‌We need a possibility for a deeper asset structure than parent-> child.

Parent -> Child -> Grand Child -> Great Grand Child + 1-2 further steps would be fine.

‌Currently it's not possible to avoid double entries in custom fields because the underlying database fields are not configurable as unique.

This would be a very helpful feature.

What is going on with this? I feel like its been forever since there has been a WHD update with new features or anything. Getting kind of frustrated and starting to look into other solutions for Help Desk.

Starting to feel like Solarwinds is falling way behind it's competition...

The mobile version of WHD is terrible (always has been) and hasn't been updated in over a year. This means it hasn't been updated/optimized for iOS 8 or 9.

It is interesting after complaining last year (complaints from several customers) about not updating the software or adding any relevant updates we were promised once the 12.2 update come out that they would be pushing out smaller updates instead of one update wrapped into one.  I understand now that Solar Winds is just blowing smoke and do not have the right developers working with this product. I continue to be unimpressed (even though we did renew the yearly maintenance I did not feel good renewing).  Just seems like the same slow progress with new updates and improvements and the same developer working on the updates.

What Are We Working on for Web Help Desk (WHD) - Updated April 1, 2015

- The year is almost over. The Webhelpdesk team has updated the software from 12.2 to 12.3.  Impressed??

It's time Solarwinds woke up to the WHD feature requests .. It is way too behind the industry. Be it Dashboards, Reports, SLA tracking, Ticket auto-resolve / close, Change Management ..


Looks like something has finally happened a sign up to get the beta for 12.4. Call for WHD 12.4 Beta 1 testers (is security and FIPS your thing?)

It would be handy if users who are CC'd into a ticket can view and update the ticket using the Web portal.

For large enterprise with

Change Management / Approval systems should also report information on who has approved the request when creating reports for audit purpose.

Multiple locations(1000+) It is important to search & report assets by Location info like city or state, zip or...

E-mail templates to be customisable (approval mail)

Action rule base e-mail should have more fields to address current limitation( associated asset info, Location address,..., approver and more )

Custom field in Company's address (unique ID, Priorities ....) for a Large Busin with multiple child

Current approval systems works with client approval, Department approval & Location Approval but not client manager approval (which can be a easy option to add.

And may more.

I would really like to be able to raise a ticket from within Asset screens - we use Asset to record non-tangible services such as telecommunications services; when a link is down and we want to report it out to the supplier, the first step is to go to Asset and search for the asset record to get all the details needed to make the call.

I would like to be able to create a ticket from that screen / maybe from the Ticket History tab / so that we can record the conversation with the supplier and assign a job to our engineers.

Is this going to be updated now that 12.4 is out or because we waited basically a full calendar year for a version with no new or major functionality enhancement except security which while important that is quite a lot of time between builds. is the list the same?

I have to say I love WHD but am becoming very frustrated. I think you could make a LOT of people happy and curb their frustrations if instead of working on this highly complicated changes you would work on simple ones. Such as being able to have 2 or more windows open at once, being able to look a ticket up in the my tickets section by ticket number or the current options, basic reporting like open tickets by tech, all business need this one, being able to have a tech put on vacation and off of vacation with an out of office, allowing a person to enter tickets or review tickets based on the location you select, ie we have managers who over see multi locations. there are so many small wins that would make the masses happy. it seems like many of the updates you make are for a small subset..

I am also wondering if you ever have a WHD conference where users show what they have done to the software or how they are using it. or to show how the new enhancements work? The help section frankly sucks, just look at the instructions for how to create a client admin. It doesn't tell you that it need to be set up in 3 different places.

So since no one has responded to this recently, is it safe to assume that Web Help Desk no longer has a road map and that it's a dead product?

Unbelievable the lack of respect coming from this developer. He is a one man show apparently with no one looking over his shoulder to make sure he is keeping customers happy and delivering what he has promised. Who can we call to complain? 

1. The iOS app is appalling- so many times I have replied to a ticket on the move and the update does not get sent- how about AT A MINIMUM the app actually checks that the reply has been sent before assuring you it has?

2. Why is it so difficult to update the push certificate? 2 years in a row I've had to personally re write incorrect instructions on how to do this, and this year I find you don't even appear to have an up to date certificate to download?

What is going on?

I was wondering if bulk ticketing for multiple locations/clients can be implemented in upcoming software releases? It will be great to have an option of creating 1 incident ticket and appling it to multiple locations in one click.

How is it that being able to have multiple sessions is not on the features list?

Re: Multiple browser sessions in Web Help Desk?

Especially when one of the developers has mentioned that it is being planned for... That was 2 years ago when will these plans see fulfilment? Not good enough.

Don't you just love the response from the development team (is there still anybody out here monitoring this forum or just ignoring all of us)?  I was told by customer service (opened a case with them to complain) that Peter Kruty is not the product manager anymore (see comments below)

Peter Kruty is the former Product Manager for WHD, this is why he was the only one responding to inquiries on Thwack. PMs are the only ones who can speak on the roadmap of the product.

I was told someone would reach out to me (this was 2 days ago) and have not heard back. 

I'm tempted not to renew the maintenance but we don't have time to transition to another product. That could change next year when this product is still at version 12

Hi Bob,

I have taken over WHD from Peter. Apologies for the delay and am reaching directly to secure a time/day for us to talk.

This most recent update to this post contains some news that does not sit well with specifically "Our release cycles might be anywhere between 9 to 18 months" the release cycle has already been glacial. Is this just for the next release to finish the migration from WebObjects to spring? Or is the time between major releases with a few smaller releases in between? If not I am not really sure what to make of this information. Please reconsider and put specific stock in finishing the code migration so that you can add some of the top upvoted items.

I was just wondering if there is any way by chance to get ShoreTel integration?

Thanks for your feedback. It's great to see customers taking interest and to want more from WHD. I've separated your feedback into sections. Hopefully making it easier to sort through.


“This most recent update to this post contains some news that does not sit well with specifically "Our release cycles might be anywhere between 9 to 18 months" the release cycle has already been glacial.”


I can see where the statement above can be viewed with concern. The statement is simply meant to formally set community expectation levels since there have been numerous questions over whether we are still active in WHD. I’ve put together a summary of our release timeline (content aside). The table below is nondiscriminatory towards levels but the purpose is to show we have been actively releasing with a steady cadence that’s actually exceeding the time frame stated above.

v12.3.0 5/2015

v12.3.1 1/2016

v12.4.0 4/2016

v12.4.2 8/2016

v12.5.0 Q4/2016

Short term outlook I would expect to see several more due out in 2017


“Is this just for the next release to finish the migration from WebObjects to spring?”


Great Question! The statement is there as long as we are planning to maintain this cadence. The migration you speak of is a progression of releases over time. 12.5 is the first iteration with dashboards. The plan is to conquer assets (already in the works) next, then onto other elements within WHD.


“Please reconsider and put specific stock in finishing the code migration so that you can add some of the top upvoted items.”


Our development responsibilities are to balance out various product influences and one of them is of course addressing community requests of which we are producing results. For example, the top voted Item (Multi FAQ) was addressed in the latest release (12.4.2). Others are marked as we are working on them.Web Help Desk Feature Requests

No shortage of requests which of course couldn't make us more happy, so be on the lookout for more top requests to filter into releases.

Thanks again for your feedback and I'm available to speak with directly.

Can you elaborate? When I hear ShoreTel I immediately think of one of our other products VNQM.

Would love to see Dynamic CAB's or at least an option to select the Client as a CAB.

We use ShoreTel  for our phone solution. (PBX Business Phone Systems with Simple UC Solutions | ShoreTel ) It would be great if we could have it integrated into Whd for tickets on incoming calls. Right now all calls are manually typed in as tickets when recieved.  

Thank you for taking the time to reply to this in such an organized manor. I think a lot of the worry among myself and some other forum regulars came from the fact that there was almost a year from 12.3 to 12.4 and it was only to have it be security upgrades not saying that's bad but a its a long time to see no functional enhancements. It was not even announced that there were additional changes made in the move to spring or the migration of all report types to the new engine that was work started in 12.2. Its good to know that things will hopefully be moving on a more regular basis.

mbussey I would love to see the tech bar customize-able in the future.  This is one thing that other Help Desk solutions do really well, and WHD not so much.


I am really hoping that this can be addressed as soon as possible. I have put in a feature request but unfortunately it is buried with several of the others.  I understand that you can run queries for what you are looking for, but to be able to add sections to the tech bar and edit the name of the section would be a huge improvement and could benefit a lot of users.  If I have 3 technicians that I manage and I want to be able to see their tickets with one click (without using the dashboard), it would be awesome to just add a section tied to a query such as "[My level 1's] Tickets" and "[My level 2's] tickets."

Please let me know your thoughts and if this has been talked about moving forward.


P.S. I installed the latest release candidate and the new dashboard is awesome!

Hi mbussey

do you know if there will ever be an update to the iOS app?  it is very dated and limited.


dashboard does look nice.  Nice update.

We need to be able to track accessories and/or consumable items in WHD and I cannot figure out a way to do it easily.  Example: You have 10 item #1234 and you want to assign 2 to Bob, 3 to Sam, and leave 5 in storage.  This is common in a lot of asset tracking software and I assumed it was in WHD when we purchased it.  I figured out how to do software because you can either setup software as a child and assign it to as many parent assets as you want or you can set it up as an asset and assign it to as many users as you want.  However, you would only have a software title added once to a person or asset.  My request is different.  I need to assign a number of the same asset to a person or asset and I can't see a way to do it. (2 extension cords, 3 microphones, etc.)  Small enough that you don't want to tag each of them but we still have a need to know who has them and how many we have left.

Thanks for the release feedback. I do like the idea of having the ability for a custom toolbar (of course maintaining OOB tool links), I can say that it's not on our road map at this time. Can you create a vote for this? I performed a cursory look Web Help Desk Feature Requests but could not locate anything similar.

Would (several) daily scheduled report work to help you view in a snapshot the workload?

We are however looking into this and potentially adding it to the list.

We are looking into this and would like to at the very least have the ability to perform ticket actions.

Thanks for your reply mbussey! Here is the feature request that I created for it already:   

I wasn't exactly sure how to phrase it.  Unfortunately, it appears to be extremely hard to get your topic voted on enough (maybe it just gets lost in the mix?) to make any kind of impact so that's why I also contacted you.  I think that others would like it as well as it would serve as like a quick access to different queries without having to run them every time.  I am getting by with the custom "queries" but thank you for the suggestion!

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