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how to add additional languages

hi everybody

i am trying to add additional language for client web interface like "request type" /  "subject" and etc..

i know that i should make a copy of the "" file and rename it to for example "".

but my problem is how to use native2ascii for encoding?

the syntax is :

native2ascii -encoding "<encoding_name>" [input_file] [output_file]</encoding_name>

but can anyone help me about the exact way of using this encoding???

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Here's a guide to customising the language: Customize the Web Help Desk GUI language and labels - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

From there, note that Java requires properties files to be in Latin-1 or escaped Unicode format, in which Unicode characters are represented by Unicode escape sequences. You can use the Java tool "native2ascii" to convert native-encoded files to to this format. native2ascii is located at <WebHelpDesk>/bin/native2ascii

Note that UTF-8 encoding does not use these Unicode escape sequences. You must use native2ascii to convert UTF-8 encoded files.