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Where are attachments housed? DB or Server?

We are currently using a SQLDB instance for data, and an Application server for WHD. I was wondering where attachments are housed. Asset attachments, and ticket attachments. We haven't gone live yet, but im working on importing attachments from the previous program (Assets and Tickets) into WHD for techs to review. Also for our procurement office to be able to update. 

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They are stored in the DB and they are held as binary data in the attachment_data table(at least with PostgresQL).  I would imagine the same with other supported DBs as well.  Other tables hold data about the files since attachments can fall into different sections of WHD.  There is the potential for using the API to make the attachments to tickets.  It is probably your best option for adding them instead of manually adding them through the GUI.

Notes about it start on page 27


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