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Level 9

WHD - issues with tech menu's collapsing

Hi All,

We run two separate installations of WHD - currently on 12.6.    For a long time now we find an issue where the ticket screen doesn't save or it collapses menus \ hides them, you then have to either refresh the screen or go back into the ticket -  sometimes losing your changes..    It happens multiple times a day for each tech.     Last year I logged this issue with solarwinds and they spent some time tweaking settings and then said it was a 'bug'  and would be looked at in the next release.       When we upgrade to 12.6 we think the issue became worse and it hasn't improved.    Does anyone else experience this problem?    As I say,  we have 2 installations of this product in separate VM's both running Windows 2016 server both having  the same symptoms.

many thanks


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Level 8

We've just moved from IE (didn't have this issue) to Chrome, and now have the issue. Was there ever a "fix" deployed, or any more recent updates?

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Level 7

Are you talking about the drop-downs? We upgraded to 12.6 last night and discovered something similar this morning, but the affected users were utilizing Internet Explorer.

The issue does not occur on Chrome or Firefox, so I have had my users switch browsers permanently.

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it can do with the drop downs,  but generally any section of a ticket just 'disappears' .    Or sometimes you click on a ticket to open it,  it doesn't open and just takes you back to the Group screen.  We generally all use Chrome but have seen it over the years with IE \ Edge.    And as jvbott24 said,  its definitely got worse as the newer versions have been released.

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Level 7

We have this issue as well.  Seems to be a bit worse in the last version update.

Level 12

Yep, we've had this problem for years. Like you said 12.6 doesn't fix it. Please add another support call, they might eventually get this fixed !

Its getting so bad,  I'm having to consider finding a different product because it just isn't getting fixed