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Level 8

WHD - How to Query - 64-bit OS machines and 32-bit OS machines


New to WHD and wondered if there was a way to query my assets and find out which machines are 64-bit OS machines or 32-bot OS machines.

What I'm trying to find out is:

For Example: If you run MSINFO32.exe at a command window prompt, I want to query the "System Type".  The result would be "x64-based PC" if it were a 64-bit machine.

Basically, does WHD have the ability to query the machines BIOS or System Type, etc?

Thank You.


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Level 12

Not really... You can take a look under Setup > Assets > Discovery Connections.

Here you can choose the option for 'WHD Discovery Engine', which uses WMI.  Unfortunately, the WMI variables are pretty limited and don't include specifically what you are looking for.

Might give you some useful information, though.