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Level 8

Using license for RC testing

We have a second VM server created with the new 12.7.2 RC 1 WHD installed. 
When we hit the licensing piece, is it safe for us to re-use our active license in the live environment for the test?  Hypothetically it's licensed by Tech access and we have enough licenses free to use both instances. 
I don't want to recycle my main server license if it's going to disable my current instance... I get the feeling that might make folks pretty mad at me right now.

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Level 16

You can only use one active license per server the new server will give you 14 days as if it is a trial. 

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Thanks for the reply. 
I'm assuming you meant that I can only use one active license (not per server) and that I'll need to use a trial for the new test server as my active license is in production use.  

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