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Users stuck in the loop asked to update profile



We are running WHD 12.7 on Centos7 /Postgress db.   In last few days we are getting reports that some users who try to open support tickets, They get prompted to update their profile and and get thrown in a loop.   Not sure what's causing this behavior.


Thank you

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We saw this as well and I wonder if you are seeing the same thing we did. SW confirmed its a bug and it does exists in 12.7.1 and .2 not tested .3, per the notes I had on my ticket slated to be fixed in 12.8. Only difference from your description we are using MS SQL not PostgreSQL.


If you are importing the department field from AD and there is a data mismatch between what AD has as a department and department does not exist in WHD or there is another data quality issue like a misspelling and the department field is mandatory in WHD. The data mismatch makes the profile unable to save.If you or HR are manually putting the data in AD make sure this is not a new department or a misspelling.

The two workarounds are

1) Remove the mandatory option from the field. This does not fix the data quality issue but will allow users to save the profile and create new tickets.

2) Make the appropriate change in either AD or WHD master list of departments to fix the data quality issue and resync.