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Unable to find valid certification path to requested target

For 5+ years I’ve had our incoming email Account configured using the Exchange/Office365 option and has worked without a hitch.  2 weeks ago I updated our software to the latest version, 12.7 and still had no issues with the Help Desk Processing incoming emails.  Late afternoon this past Thursday the Help Desk stopped processing incoming emails throwing the error, “unable to find valid certification path to requested target.”  Which is assume is relate to the email Account in O365.

I worked with Support for nearly an hour, seemingly just “trying stuff”; they definitely did not know the cause nor the solution.  This surprises me as I assume there must be many clients using this configuration.  The end result was switching the Incoming Email Account configuration to IMAP, which does work.  What I’d like to know is why this stoped working?  I assume it’s something that has changed on Microsoft’s end and from my reading/searches it seems like I need to either add the O365 Cert or my Help Desk Server Cert to either the Help Desk Server Cert Store or the Help Desk Cert Store but am unsure and would like to know the exact specific solution if anyone has insight.

Thanks - Mark

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Hi Courtesy IT - I agree, most likely not a SolarWinds issue, I just had a tough session looking for a resolution.

CourtesyIT/Pabely - I did check with our Infrastructure Team and they say there weren't any changes made on our Network that would cause the issue.  That leaves a change on Microsoft's side but if that were the case, I'd assume there'd be a LOT of WHD Clients in the same boat as me.

For now, unfortunately the resolution is to use the IMAP Incoming Email configuration and that's on me as I haven't had time to do a deep dive on the problem with the Exchange/O365 Incoming Email Configuration.  I'll definitely follow up if I'm able to find a resolution/get the original configuration working again.

Thanks guys!

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Hi Mark,

Did you get this resolved, I am interested if this was cert or perhaps hardening vs what is allowed within the crypto strength policies in the JRE


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Thursday, huh!  If it was working well, even this some changes it would seem that it should still work.  I have found recently that most things are not an Solarwinds issue but an access-list, group-policy, or other security feature was activated or deactivated that will cause a problem for me.  I like to think our communication across the Enterprise for our IT, but sometime people get busy.  Thursday would lead me to look into any recent patches or group policy that have been updated.

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