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Level 7

SolarWinds Tickets routed into Slack Channel

Hi Thwack Community,

       Has any one managed to route HelpDesk tickets into Slack? We have routed SolarWinds alerts into a slack channel via a "incoming webhook" which works beautifully. If there is anyone that may have even the slightest bit of direction on this issue, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!

THWAK Rocks!!! 


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Level 15

When you succeed with configuring it, can you please share more details on how you did it for other users? Thanks!

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Level 8

Slack can now accept emails and send them to specific channels or recipients, which should make this possible (without webhooks or service-specific integration). Here's more: Forward an email to a Slack channel.

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Looks good, but I think that'd only work for sending ticket info into a general channel.  I'd be great if we could somehow have ticket updates sent just to the client listed on the ticket - the same way email Updated-Ticket E-Mails are sent via email to the client(s).

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