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SW WHD Custom Fields - Number values contain comma

I find the custom fields in SW WHD very helpful.  However, when I use the number data type for a custom field, after the numbers are inputted (when creating a ticket) a comma gets added to the number when it displays afterwards.  It would be nice to be able to either,

1) Not have the comma

2) Be able to specify how the number gets formatted (like in Excel)

2 examples below:


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I too ran into this when attempting to use a number custom field to enter a proximity card number for clients.

I had to just use the text field, but I had no real need to use as a number (other than my own OCD).

Just thought I would reply so you didn't have to look like you were mumbling to yourself.  I often have arguments with myself, but I never win.

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Just seems to me that the number data type isn't that great unless:

1) The number you want to collect is less then 1000 (so the comma doesnt show)

2) The number you want to collect is a large number that is more readable using commas

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I think you would want to use a text field, yes.  We don't seem to have that issue in text fields.

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Would the solution be to make it a regular (non-number) text field?  Does anyone else get impacted by this or is it just me?