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Request types and custom field selections


I was just wondering if anyone else had come across the following and managed to get this to work in WHD.

On a request type, we have a couple of mandatory fields where only one of them is required to progress the ticket.

Example, when requesting a piece of equipment, you need to select either an office budget code or a project budget code.  Only 1 is required, but it is mandatory that one of these are selected.

Thanks in advance


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Hi markhogb​,

It's a bit unclear as to what you are wanting to achieve here, can you please provide a bit more detail or provide screenshots that display what the issue is?


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Hi Fluffy,

No worries.  Basically on a request form, the user needs to select which budget area to assign the cost.  There are two groups:

  • Sector
  • Office

These groups have options within them.  The user needs to select one option from either of the two groups.

See screen shot below with the two groups highlighted. I hope this is cleared, thank you for your help.

WHD - Q1.png

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I don't think there is anyway to mange custom field in this way.

The only suggestion would be to create two additional sub Request Types; "Sector" and "Office", and assign each of them the appropriate custom field that is mandatory.



Thank you for your help and time comtcjm

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