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Level 7

Reporting Time For Each Tech

How can I report hours for each Tech that might work on a ticket. Currently i can only see a way to report the total hours a ticket takes, but i want to be able to run a report that says "John Doe worked X hours last week", regardless of the assigned technician on the tickets. 

So if a ticket is assigned to Jane Doe, but John Doe also logged time, how can I see all the times John did that? (without manually opening each ticket and looking at the notes to sum up only his time)




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Level 12

You will need to run a Parts and Billing report, this will show you the hours each tech worked.

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This does a good job of showing me the hours for each assigned tech, but will this also be showing me when the tech worked on another Tech's ticket that they were not assigned to?

So if John Doe works on Jane Doe's ticket (Jane being another tech), will that ticket's hours for John show up in the report?

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