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Problem with Surveys sending out to Inactive users

We recently ran into an issue where our WHD was slowing down randomly while working within the tickets side of things.  After working with support for a few weeks on the issue, it appears that our system is still attempting to send out surveys and reminders to people who are no longer active.  Apparently this was caused by me.  A few months ago, I made a new survey for support requests.  I set it as the default survey with 2 reminders.  I then set it to go to closed requests.  What I didn't realize would happen was it would send it all closed tickets at that time.  We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 16,000 closed tickets at that time.  Needless to say people received several survey requests and reminders over the next few days.  Fast forward a few months, and the system is still trying to send surveys and reminders out to inactive accounts.  The attempt fails and instead of just erroring out, will attempt to send out the email again. This will happen over and over again.  I've since deleted out the survey with a hope that would fix the issue.  Unfortunately support feels we may need to wait this out.  Can anyone else think of a way to clear these requests out?  My support techs are good folks, but I can see the frustration in their faces when they attempt to use WHD and it bogs down.  Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated. 

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