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Possible to toggle Email Alerts on for Closed ticket status type?


I would like to know if it is possible to turn on email alerts for the Closed ticket status type.


It is set to No by default, and I am having trouble finding the setting where I can toggle it to Yes.


Let me know if this is possible or if you have any suggested workarounds.


Thank you!

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Level 10

There are a couple of ways to receive an e-mail when a ticket is closed.

  1. The most common way I use is to make sure the recipient boxes are checked for client and tech before I click save and e-mail to close the ticket. I usually click the client and tech boxes in the tech group options, so they are automatically checked in all tickets, so no one has to remember to check them.  The main thing to remember about this option is you have to click save & e-mail for WHD to send out the e-mail, just clicking the save button on the ticket will not send out an e-mail.
  2. The other option is through an action rule.  You could use this method to make sure WHD sends an e-mail to the client, tech, or whoever you would like every time a ticket is closed.  This method will work even if the tickets were closed in bulk or if some clicked the save button instead of save and e-mail.
  3. The third option would be to chose the override option for "E-mail recipients After Auto Close" in the options tab, under status types, and select tech, client, or Cc.  This method will also require you to set a time in the "Automatically Close Ticket After" option under the status type tab.  People chose this option when they want to set a ticket to resolve instead of close so clients can confirm ticket resolution.  It the clients doesn't respond after a specific time, the auto-close option will automatically close the ticket, and the override will send an e-mail to whoever you selected.  This option is not in the default close ticket status.

Action rule creation:

  • The action rule criteria would be Status is closed, and the action you would select is, modify ticket. 
  • Click edit next to modify ticket and scroll down to the recipient section.  Check any of the boxes you wish to receive an e-mail; you could even add a distribution list in the Cc: field.  
  • Save the modified ticket and then save the action rule.

You could use the send e-mail option instead of modify the ticket is you wanted to put anything unusual in the body of the message or the subject.  This method just keeps it simple and sends the ticket in an e-mail to whoever you want when the ticket is closed.

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