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Level 8

Parent-Child Asset Relationship

Is anyone using the Parent-Child Asset relationship in WHD? What functionality does it provide other than a data point relating one asset to another hierarchically?

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Level 9

We use it the same was as deeman.

Software as child assets.  And the software set up as multi-install.

We also sometimes link other items to a "master" asset for a user.  So if we have a computer tower, we may additionally assign the monitors, adapters and printers as child assets.

In some cases, we may have a KVM, and then assign the cables as children.

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Level 7

I use it for software as child items of the PC it sort of working.

Would be great if I could get name of the owner in the column were parents are displayed in child

Currently only show s   Please add a client column   

Asset No. Serial No. Model Location
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