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Not getting tickets.

When I send an e-mail to the helpdesk ticketing system, I get the e-mail that a ticket has been created and it gives me the #, but when I log into the Solarwinds helpdesk, I don't see it (or any tickets) there. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi durra​,

1. If you email the help desk again do you get a different help desk number? - you should expect this to incrementally increase.

  • If so, the ticket has been generated but you might not be on the correct account to view it.
  • If not, there's a bigger issue at hand and would recommend contacting the SolarWinds team.

2. Are you a technician or a client?

  • If you're a client then there's a chance the ticket has been created but under a different account from the one you're logged in as and you should contact a technician within the team that manage your help desk.
  • If you're a technician, go to Tickets > Search Tickets > search for the ticket number that's been emailed to you and review who the client is.


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