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Merging Asset Records

Hi all,

Is there a way to merge two asset records in WHD asset management? My problem is this: My company images and deploys machines to users and they are added to Active Directory and SCCM. When the user returns the machine, they are removed from the domain (deleted from AD & SCCM). Then they are re-imaged (with the same name) and once again deployed and added to the domain.  SolarWinds pulls its information from AD and thus there are two records for a single machine after re-imaging.  Is there a way to merge those two duplicate records as I want to retain all the info associated with the first record such as Purchase Order info and Ticket History.  Basically, it would be nice if SolarWinds recognized the MAC address after the re-image and knew to combine it with the existing record. 

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! 


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I did some more digging.  We use a discovery connection to pull the DB from AD and under WHD>Setup>Discovery Connections I realized that there is an option to "Sync with Existing Assets Only."    So would checking this option combine records with like information as well as create new records if there was not any like records already in SolarWinds? 

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