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Manager Emails


I just started as Service Desk Manager and would like to receive an email upon each new ticket for all groups. I was able to create one but it was only sending the fact that there is a new ticket, but it didn't have ticket detail . I would like to see the ticket detail. Is there a way to do this without all of the techs receiving the email?

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I'm still struggling with this. For some reason I still don't get the emails.

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I'm not sure what else to look at or try.  Suggest a call to WHD support.  Sorry !

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Hah, it is always the last thing you try.

I think I cracked the code.

I set it up for on ticket creation, criteria is is within the last minute and ticket is open and send email using this code:

<p align=center><b><font size="2">A Ticket (<a href="http://corphelpdesk01/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/TicketActions/view?ticket=<ticket_id>"><ticket_id></a>) has been opened!</font></b></p>

<b><font size="2">Subject:</b>




<b>Client:</b>     <client>

<b>Client Email:  </b>   <client_email></font>

That seems to be working.

Glad you got this to work.  I agree it should be easier !

Thanks, this worked but it shouldn't be this hard to get an email with ticket information.  Instead of building the email field by field there should be a checkbox to just send the ticket.

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You could create an action rule that would add your email address to the CC or BCC field of every ticket.  The rule triggering is at ticket creation.


I've tried that but those emails don't have any Request Detail on them.

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Here's an example of the email we receive.



And the recipients section on the ticket


Our action rule uses a Modify Ticket task to add my email address to each ticket (at ticket creation).



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I must be missing something too because this has never worked for me.  As far as I can tell the only thing the Modify ticket action above does is to set the default email recipients on the ticket but doesn't email the ticket on creation to those recipients.  The Send Email action does but you have to build the fields you want in the email and it doesn't include the Request Detail field (probably the most important one).

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What do you have setup in the rule triggering section of the action rule and the criteria tab?

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I have a noisy manager and I want to know when he puts a ticket in.  Action rule criteria is his username and triggering is at ticket creation.

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Does the rule evaluate the criteria on all ticket updates?


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I'm not sure what else to look at or try.  This action rule setup is working for us.  Suggest a call to WHD support.  Sorry !

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So, just so I understand, the process you use sends the full ticket email to the people you specify as CC or BCC upon ticket creation in the action rule?  I've been down the support road with them about this and was told it didn't work that way but I have found that we usually know more than them. 

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Strange. In our setup the CC and BCC get a copy with the same format and detail as the tech receives. I will post some screenshots in the discussion thread later this morning.

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