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Level 11

Location Custom Fields- is there any point to them at all?

We are currently trying to get WHD set up for another team within our business & so currently trying to reinvent the wheel in many respects to make it fit their purpose. It has got me wondering again- how useful is actually defining information within a Location?

We are a retail company with lots of physical 'locations' so you would think this would be useful, but I have never seen any benefit of having location custom fields & attachments- am I missing something?? We do have the client Location field synced from AD and we do have Location groups so we can vary who/ how people can interact with WHD (eg shop staff vs third parties) but for example if I create a ticket for a client where does that Location custom field come in to play? It's not even visible anywhere on the ticket? One thing that could be very useful would be if certain custom fields could be assigned to certain location groups and actually be displayed somewhere on the ticket.

Just would be interested to see what people have used this for. Please put me out of my misery!

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Level 10

We use the location custom fields to define numbers assigned to different locations, those numbers can then display in tickets with that location.  We depend on that number for a bunch of things so it works for us.  You could use them for different TYPES of locations too, such as which stores are Superstores and which are Neighborhood stores (if for example you are Walmart using it).  Really any information you'd want to track you could.  The important thing to remember is that you can use action rules, tasks, approval processes and a number of other features to pull the data from location custom fields, so there are a lot of ways to use the data within the UI.

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Can you please describe how you were able to display data that is stored in the Location Fields in a Ticket. I have tried various ways to display the Location Custom Fields either when you setup a new client or in the ticket. I have locations that have specific identifiers that I want to display when you choose a location. As an example I have a location name and 2 other custom fields that have additional information about the location that I want to have displayed in the tickets. Basically if I choose a location I want to have the 2 Location custom fields displayed and be populated with the information that is store in the 2 custom fields for that location. The original data was imported with the location name and the 2 custom fields populated with the additional location. Now I just really need to pull that data into a ticket view.

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Level 12

I agree. I would be better if the custom field would work with a Room (instead of a Location). We would then use that to designate Rooms with Asbestos. That way our Operations Dept would use our Help Desk. IF the Custom field would be displayed on a Ticket, the Operations crew would know there was Asbestos in the Ceiling, or Wall, or Floor tile. We would use a Custom Field for more than that as well if the custom field would be displayed on the Ticket, and could be narrowed to a Room in a location.

Custom field for only the Location is not helpful. Custom Field for a Room within a Location would be very beneficial (too us).

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Level 13

I'm with you - i don't see Location Custom Fields as being particularly useful.   I can see how it might be useful if you think a Tech might go look at the Location list and need to know something unique about a particular Location, but it does seem like it would be much more helpful if  you could (optionally) display it elsewhere.

I really don't understand the point of attachments for Locations, though.  

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