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Level 9

LetsEncrypt installation?

I know that built-in LetsEncrypt (LE) support is beginning to get on the radar (everyone, please vote for it), but I'm embarking on an attempt to do it manually with my macOS-based WHD server.

I've successfully implemented LE on a few macOS and Windows servers so far, so I'm familiar with the HomeBrew installation, certbot installation, and automation of the cert renewal, but I'm not familiar with where WHD stores its certs and if there are any caveats in replacing them outside of the WHD UI.

Has anyone already implemented LE with WHD (either on macOS or Windows) that can share their experience and the steps they took?

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Level 7

It's a tomcat server which gets its certificate from a keystore file. I initially tried using LetsEncrypt and regenerating the keystore automatically on renew using some of these resources:

It just wasn't working like I wanted and needed manual intervention every renew, so I ended up just letting tomcat/whd do it's own thing on it's own port and set up apache as a reverse proxy to it. Then I set up LetsEncrypt certbot normally for apache. 


I used apache because I am familiar with it, but any webserver that supports certbot and can work as a reverse proxy would work.