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Level 9

Issues accessing FAQs as a tech

Good Morning,

I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, but, users that I have in the system that are marked as tech (not Admin) cannot access or see the FAQs where clients and Admins can see them, can someone let me know if I have missed a setting somewhere that allows Tech users the ability to see the FAQs, NOTE: we are running version 12.3.0 of WHD

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Level 12

Tech should see FAQ's, restrictions are only the Edit functionality. Are these new FAQ's or existing or both?

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the FAQs are existing in the system and the audience has been set to all, but when they go to the FAQ tab and hit search all they get is a blank page, if I change their permissions to Admin they can then see everything in the FAQs

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This sounds familiar.  Make sure they are approved faqs or change this parameter of the search:

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Sorry @, I forgot the image.

6-11-2015 3-05-27 PM.png

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Level 10

are your techs trying to view them via the tech page or user/client page, or both?

Techs should be able to see all FAQ's in their page, your just have to search for them.

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