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Level 10

Is there a way to remove or not display the Location field and associated drop-down menu for locations?

I do not want the Location info that's being pulled through LDAP displayed, as it is not accurate and complete.  I would rather have Location info not shown, or as an option to enter as a text field rather than through a pull-down menu of pre-populated locations through LDAP.  Thanks.

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Level 8

Hi Garciann and Billypilgrim

Thank you for your suggestions.  I am trying to achieve the same thing in that when a ticket is submitted that the location is optional or does not appear at all.  From what I read ...can you confirm that this is not possible?

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I learned the way to "fool" it is to set the Locations to blank, or if you already have locations, to delete all of them (but the hard part is that if you have a lot of locations, it will take a LONG time to manually delete each one, as I have not found a way to do a batch delete unless there's a way to purge such info out of the database).  So with the locations blank or deleted, you then Lock the Ticket to Client Location (which is "blank") under Ticket Options settings, and you'll find that field disappears.  It's kind of strange that you can't Hide that field by setting it to "Hidden" under the Client Permissions Options even though the Location fields may be populated to location data.  I've asked Solarwinds to consider making that feature work in future releases.

Once you've hidden that Location field as I described above, you can then create a Client Custom Field called Location and define it as a text box, but it will only show up as a field under the user Profile tab, and users will have to enter their location info manually and it will remember it after they hit Save.

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Thankyou garciann

I will give this a go.

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Level 11

Not sure if it would achieve what you want but you can set the Location attribute to a fixed value instead?

You can do this in Setup> Client> AD/LDAP connections and this can be defined for each LDAP connection you have setup

If it is just on the Client portal you don't want the Location field to appear then you can hide it in Setup> Client> Client Permissions

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Greetings, thanks for your response @billypilgrim.  Ideally, I don't want it to display the Location information being pulled through LDAP at all.  I wanted users (clients) to be able to type in their location information if I can create a Custom field for them to enter such info.

If I just tried to hide the Location field in the Client portal by going into Setup>Clients>Client Permissions and "hid" the field as you suggested, I only see it hidden in the Profile tab of the client portal (i.e. Location field not there), but not at the Request tab, it still shows up.

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Hi Garciann

Yes, you're right. I can't see a way to stop the Location field being present on the Request tab even if it is left blank for the client? I guess the only option would be to have just one or more fixed values for Location instead of syncing to an LDAP attribute, then have a separate Custom Field with a text box

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