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Is there a way to assign a ticket to specific person when it is created via email?

I need to figure out how to properly assign tickets for app admins to check out drive space alerts generated by solarwinds.

What I really need is to be able to send an email to WHD and somehow include in that email who should get the ticket (individual not group).

Does anyone know how or even if we can do that?

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We implemented this for awhile using action rules.  It works but you have to add an action rule for each tech you want to assign to.

Set up an action rule criteria to match ( contains ) on the request text ( not request type ),  such as "admin=bob".  Setup the action to do what you want,  i.e. assign the ticket to bob.

Obviously in the body of your email, add the criteria text that you are matching on.    "DRIVE SPACE ALERT yadda yadda ....  admin=bob"


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I don't think it's officially possible, but I wonder if you created a request type that auto-assigns to a specific tech and created an action rule that said "If subject contains x, then make request type y"

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