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Level 11

Is it safe to upgrade to All the bugs worked out?

We are currently on (2 builds behind). For anyone that has already upgraded, would you advise upgrading to 12.6?

I have seen a ton of comments on various posts about problems and bugs with recent builds so I wanted to get some feedback before I pulled the trigger. I do see a hotfix that was posted in December 2018 (3 months after 12.6 came out).

Should we just stay put until 12.7.1 is moved to GA?


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Level 12

I'm sticking with 12.5.2 - Build # as it's stable, 12.6 has still issues even with HF1, as for 12.7.1 final build, I'm still really cautious, as they've created way too many new bugs.


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Hi mark.dangelo​,

Personally I would recommend sticking with for the time being whilst things are ironed out from the rushed releases.

Not to say that 12.6 and 12.7 are bad, they're certainly a move in the right direction, however they do have their fundamental bugs that need taking out for a live environment.


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We have been running on 12.6 (without hotfix 1) for quite some time and have no major issues.

12.7.1 RC 2 seems pretty stable but i would wait a couple more weeks for the final build.

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