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Level 10

Is it possible to use <tags> in the email Recipient field of a WHD Action Rule?

I have set up a WHD action rule that needs to email certain individuals when the action is triggered.

If I hard code an email address into the Recipients field everything works as expected, the message is sent.

If I try to construct an email address with a tag, it does not work.  i.e. <custom_12>

( if I put two address in, a hardcoded address and a tag variable address, the hardcoded address works)

The alert action is being triggered from a ticket that has a custom field (#12) that contains a user name ( valid email user name)

I know custom field #12 is there and populated, I can see it when put it into the message body.

Even trying the builtin tag, <client_email>, in the Recipients field does not work ( it will actually strip the <> off the tag when I save the action, leaving just "client_email" ).

Can email addresses be constructed using tags?


using - WHD 12.2.0 - Build #

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Level 10

I guess my questions should have been,  why not and when !
Simply allowing tags in the email recipient field would automate half of our HR personal requests.

I'd definitely suggest a feature request in this case.  It's a good idea.

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Level 12

The tags only work in the subject and body of the action rule email

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