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How to report on tickets not updated in 10 days?

Hi All,

I must be missing something simple. I'm just trying to run a report on tickets that haven't been updated in 10 days. I don't see an attribute or category that accomplishes that. Can anyone tip me off on how to run one? 

Thank you

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You can't do this with a ticket search, as it doesn't give you "Updated" as a field to filter on, but you can do this with a report.

Create a new ticket report, table is best for this, set the category to be what you want (e.g., department, company, location, whatever you use), choose Tickets as the table data and the time period should be Relative From (leave blank) To: 10 Business Days ago and set the Date Attribute for Time Range to be "Date Worked On."

You'll need to setup filters for the report to exclude all of your "Closed" status (or if it's easier in your setup, Include all of your "Open" statuses).  That way, you're only getting the list of still OPEN tickets that haven't been worked on in the past 10 days.

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