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Hosting WHD in AWS


We currently have on-prem WHD running on a CentOS server.  We are planning to move to hosting on a CentOS image on AWS, with fail-over between multiple AWS availability zones (AZ).  We will use Google for SAML authentication, with a local LDAP database on the WHD host.  We will use PostgreSQL under RDS.

I have spoken with Solarwinds support and they advise that we will have to re-license the product in the event that we fail over between AWS AZs.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  What aspects of the host are used for generating the licence key?  Are there other circumstances (e.g. a change in IP address) where we might have to re-license?

Other war stories about hosting WHD on AWS also welcome 🙂

We have looked at Solarwinds hosted solutions but these are less cost-effective for our requirements.


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