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Level 14

Hide outdated options in custom fields

I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to change the options in a given custom field like multiple select or single select with multiple choices while retaining the old for legacy, reporting purposes. I don't see a way to do this.

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Level 10

If you delete the legacy fields, they are still available in the database.  You just need to run a report on the database to pull legacy info.  We've had to do this because WHD doesn't have that functionality in the UI.  If you use the Postgres database then I highly recommend moving to SQL for this reason.

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Level 9


A theory:

  1. Hide the legacy Custom Field from Techs and Clients
  2. Rename the legacy Custom Field (add [Legacy] to the CF's name for clarity)
  3. Create your new Custom Field with the new values that you would like to track
  4. Profit?

You can still access the legacy CF data with the "[Legacy] Custom Field" via advanced searching or SQL.
Not a fantastic solution...but I thought I'd offer it for food for thought! Good luck -

- Eric

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While this would technically work it causes you to invalidate the entire custom field not just one or two options from a list of a multiple. It also requires more retooling as you have to ensure they have the same order number, are no newly introduced typos and if you are using any action rules to give any of the options "quasi" logic that all has to be redone and retested. There really needs to be a better way to manage the options within single and muti choice custom fields. Any possible ideas mbussey

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typhoon87 Nothing offhand but I can look into it and perhaps see if anyone internally might offer up something short term until we can get into addressing custom fields as a whole (I see the vote request with a laundry list of to-do's for custom fields).

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Thank you I kind of hope there is some stone I left unturned but I am fairly certain I have not. You are correct in that there are a couple of different feature requests on custom field logic and management and this is something that would apply to a fairly large percentage of your user base. Given the depth of how and where custom field logic and management could be improved I would not be surprised if it took more than one release to cover all the reasonable use cases but hopefully this starts sooner rather than later.

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I just wanted to swing back around on this and see if any of your internal contacts had any possible solutions for this using the current 12.4.2?

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