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Level 7

Help Desk Manager / WHD - Update Reservations Functionality

Any chance there is an option to add some additional functionality to the "Reservations" portion of HDM/WHD?  We've found, particularly because of COVID, that the reservations portion of HDM is beneficial but lacking in functionality. 

The ability to have the system email a tech/manager about a reservation being created would be helpful.  We have multiple offices within our county that need particular things on laptops or iPads that take a little bit to get installed and having the heads up prior to them arrive to pick up the equipment would be of value to our department. 

Another alternative would be to have a task/process be able to create a ticket when a reservation is made from a client.


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Level 12

"lacking in functionality" is the right words.

None of what your asking is available in the latest version of WHD, so you will need to add a feature request with Solarwinds.


I've ask about adding notes to Reservations but that never happened.


Good Luck !

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