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Level 10

Force update custom fields in Web Help Desk

    When I update the files used to populate our custom fields and then reupload to WHD, the fields are not updated.  Reopening Browser, Logout/Login, Switch to Client/Tech view does not update the dropdown data.

As an odd note if i delete and recreate the field and then choose to upload the file once more i can then force the changes.  Is there a caching feature for the popup menu custom field types?  Could IIS caching affect this custom field?

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Level 10

Are you updating via SQL, Postgres or the WHD UI?  Are you just uploading the files to the Options in the Custom Field or are you using one of the WHD import templates?

I know in certain situations, I have had to clear my cache and restart the browser before it would show me the changes I've made, especially if I've done a lot of changes at once.  But it could be something else going on depending on how you're doing the updates.

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