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FEATURE REQUEST - Additional Tech Statuses (other than vacation)

At our own Service Desk, we have about 35 techs that use WHD. We have scheduled lunches and self appointed breaks throughout the day. The only way currently for techs to not receive incoming mail tickets, is to go on "Vacation" status. I am asking if it's possible, and if anyone else could benefit, by adding other tech statuses like "Lunch" and "Break". It would be even more perfect if a tech selects their new status, that it adds a timer of sorts. For example, tech is going on lunch, sets Lunch Status and then is kept on that status for one hour (or until that tech or supervisor decides otherwise). If a tech goes on break, they will be on break and not considered for web tickets for 15 minutes.


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For feature requests, once you are in the product forum you are in like you were for this post, you want to go over to create in the upper right of the page and click on that to bring up the drop-down menu where you can find the feature request option at the bottom.  This will actually let you put in a feature request that can be voted on and the discussion can be in there.  The standard post like this is just going to get you general conversation and won't have the same visibility affect for the WHD team as an actual feature request would.