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FAQ editor hangs with Loading... message

We recently installed WHD 12.6.  Many of our FAQs were imported from another system.  With several articles, when I select the Edit button the system hangs with the "Loading..." message.  I suspect there are characters in the text that need to be removed, but were allowed to import.  Is anyone familiar with this issue?

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Recently ran into the same problem recently.  Here's how we fixed it.

Run pgAdmin
<DRIVE>:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\pgsql9\bin\pgAdmin3.exe

Connect to "whd" database using port 20293
user/password: whd

Expand Databases->whd->Schemas->public->Tables

Right-click on table 'FAQ' and select 'view data' and 'view all rows'.

Browse to your FAQ and delete/modify the field with the invalid character, then click on a different row to save changes.  Close out and reopen WebHelpDesk and try editing the faulty FAQ.

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