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Email replies opening new tickets

When anyone in our organization responds to a ticket update via email it web help desk is opening a new ticket. How do I fix this?

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We are using version 12.6 and we just set up this help desk four or five days ago.

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There are not too many settings that should affect this. I took a quick look at my email settings and don't see much that would prevent this from working. May want a support case.

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We have been struggling with the same issue and honestly its causing us to evaluate other products. the problem is not so much when the original user replies its when anyone else on the cc list replies a new ticket is opened when all it should do is update the existing ticket. this is normal functionality in most other ticketing systems

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Is this a recent new issue or ongoing?  just for reference what version are you on?

The common reason this occurs is users change the subject line and it messes up the parser and creates a new ticket.

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