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Level 7

Email archived but no ticket created and no error

We had an active client email the helpdesk. The email was removed from the inbox but a ticket was never generated in WHD. I check to see if there were any errors involving the email and I saw no record. Has anyone ever had this happen.

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Level 12

You need to check that you allow all email or filter domain, and it's worth enabling all the Email Notifications found in Setup - Email - incoming email - select you email - email notifications.

Tick all, and add your email to the top.


Find the email in the deleted mail box and make a copy if in into the inbox. e.g. using Outlook hold the ctrl key while you copy in the inbox.


Then check to see if the email have been processed.


We have issues say when a user uses their personal email address rather than their work email, and thererfore we reject those email and no new ticket is created.


Also check your Setup - E-mail - Options:

- Create Accounts for Unrecognized Senders

- Accepted Domains

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